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Northland Trike Tours

Explore Northland in style with our specially curated range of Classic Excursions to a variety of local natural and (wo)man-made attractions, beaches, rustic pubs, wineries and restaurants.

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There's no such thing as an acceptable shortcut
in the pursuit of a passion.

We are all Harley Davidson and Classic Car enthusiasts (including - well, especially - our CEO), and we go to great lengths to transmit that passion to our customers to ensure an experience that is everything they - and we - expect it to be.

The TAME the Beast Tours way

Our passion for adventure and obsession with perfection fuels us. Hopefully this translates through our tour packages into experiences that will inspire our customers to challenge the boundaries of their ordinary routines and to follow their own unique sense of adventure throughout their lifetimes.

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Now Hiring

Although we at TAME the Beast Tours are dedicated equal opportunity employers (ALWAYS!), we are especially interested in strong, reliable and experienced Wahine motorcycle riders and Classic Car drivers with great social skills and that have the gift of the gab for our Trike Tour Team.

If you believe you are what we have in mind, give us a call. (And if we agree — should you not already possess one — we’ll assist you in getting your P endorsement.)